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Ventilated Facades

Zhemchug Construction Company is specializing in construction of buildings and structures of the highest quality, and performs deconstruction works. The appearance of the building should be always great, because it is what makes the first impression. Beautiful and high quality appearance of the building is a great component of the total image designed by architects.
Today, when covering buildings and structures with siding, professionals use composite aluminum panels and ceramic granite. They not only make a building look more beautiful, but also protect thermal insulation, wall and substructures from harmful effects of the environment, rain and snow, and facade thermal insulation is also very important. Here are some unquestionable advantages of hinged ventilated facades.
First, aluminum profiles combine lightness and durability. It not only makes design and installation works easier, but aluminum profiles also create good conditions for implementation of decisions which are not available in substructures made out of other materials (in most cases because of the heaviness of the panels).

Вентилируемые фасады        Вентилируемые фасады

Second, due to a versatility of shapes and a wide range of colors of siding materials, and also due to boundless variants of shaping the facades made from composite materials, such as Alucobond, Coldstar, Alpolic, we have a possibility to make a building look fashionable, modern and stylish and implement the most ambitious architectural ideas. One of the greatest advantages of hinged ventilated facades is their absolute resistance to corrosion, and that's very important for snowy or rainy areas. Moreover, ventilated facades can easily hide the defects which were made during construction. They are easily washed, that's why building facade can look like a new, just constructed building. Easy-to-use ventilated facade substructure attachment system allows, if required, to add supplementary thermal insulation to the building. Aluminum alloy, used in hinged ventilated facades systems, is absolutely ecologically safe and harms neither the environment, nor you.
Hinged ventilated facades have great performance characteristics. They are resistant to great changes of temperature, they absorb thermal deformations caused by great daily and seasonal temperature drops, and that allows avoiding internal stresses in siding materials and load-bearing structure, and, that makes the emergence of cracks and destruction of siding impossible. Installation of ventilated facades is great for any kind of buildings and should be considered in gas station construction.
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