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Gas Station Construction

Zhemchug Construction Company specializes on turnkey construction, repair and maintenance of gas stations (AZS) throughout Ukraine. Our customers are major oil companies: both Ukrainian and foreign ones. Gas station turnkey construction is what we specialize in; it's our job, which we do promptly and with high quality. The best evidence of our success is a great number of successfully operating gas stations we built.

Gas Station Construction

We are turnkey construction company. It means that our construction company has all the equipment and specialist, required to build all main gas station structures from the scratch from the front side of a gas station to the tiniest elements of its decoration (lighting, billboards, signage, and interior). We will not only construct a gas station, but also supply it with electricity, water and sewerage. Our company has a great number of building materials of different kinds, we have ready gas station project-models (it may be either classical gas stations, which we have built already, or more modern, non-standard projects, developed with the state of the art technologies). Due to such a great range of our gas station project-models, any customer can find what meets his/her needs and wishes in a best way. This means you can choose a project which has the required type, size, functionality, technical parameters and price of a gas station you need. We would do all the work required to construct a gas station on a turnkey basis. You will only have to review a gas station project we proposed, approve it, and soon you'll start your business at your own gas station which we built using the state of the art technologies. We construct gas stations on a turnkey basis (designing a project constructing a station providing guarantee and post-guarantee maintenance providing reconstruction) with our fullest responsibility. That's why today we have such a great position in this area of construction business.

Moreover: we also reconstruct, redesign and repair outdated gas stations. Gas Station Reconstruction is quite hard and laborious process. A building, which has exceeded its operating lifetime or was initially built poorly, is hard to make operating again. But our specialists are truly professionals that's why there's nothing impossible for Zhemchug Construction Company! Our construction company takes all the responsibility for the quality of every gas station we built, and we guarantee their reliability and long operating lifetime. We provide guarantee and post-guarantee repair of gas stations, and we also upgrade those gas stations which we once built. Our prices are not law, but you should understand that good cannot be cheap.

We have been in gas station construction business for a considerably long time already. We've built a great number of high quality modern gas stations in many regions of Ukraine. We have a lot of customers, who once asked us to built only one gas station, and now their businesses are growing and their gas station networks are expanding. Of course, they come to us again and again, because they know that Zhemchug Construction Company really knows what the gas station turnkey construction is. We guarantee quality, reliability and long operating lifetime of buildings we built. We are sure of what we can and our customers are always sure that they can rely on us.

Gas Shell

Let's say, you have plans to build a gas station, but you don't know what construction company to choose? There's a solution! Contact Zhemchug Construction Company and we promise you won't regret it!