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Project Documentation and Construction Estimate

Project Documentation and Construction Estimate Our construction company will provide you with all required project documentation and construction estimates which will allow you to prevent significant financial losses and make the time of construction or repair or deconstruction much shorter. When making up construction estimates our specialists calculate only the current construction market prices, and never those ones taken from directories of other cities.

Building a house of the same design project may cost differently in different construction companies. This happens because many companies, when making up construction estimates and in order to decrease the price of construction, take low quality building materials or sometimes just break the construction technology, which makes a building not durable. In order to understand why the price is so law, you should see the exact construction estimate.

Project Documentation and Construction EstimateWe guarantee that we construct and repair buildings while using only high quality building materials and observing all the constructional technologies. Zhemchug Construction Company uses only brand building materials and provides only adequate prices for its services. You can easily check it just by viewing construction or repair estimate and other construction or project documentation which we will always provide you with at your first request. Construction or repair estimate is a base for defining how much money you'll have to invest in construction or repair of the building. Construction estimate is also helpful for negotiating on prices for building materials, works and services.

Calculation of contractual, construction and repair work are also a part of construction estimate. Construction estimate also includes documents confirming payments for buying the equipment and for its delivery to the construction site, and compensation of other costs which are included in overall summary estimate. Project documentation includes materials (texts, maps, schemes) which are architectural, constructive, functional and technological, and engineering and technical solutions, required in construction or repair, and explanation of using construction equipment and machinery.